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"I never thought I could have a 700+ credit score! Thank you so much for all your help. #NicestAttorneyEver" - Angela R.
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We audit and investigate every one of them and they must be 100% accurate by law!
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We can help you improve your credit situation fast with our in-house attorney and legal team.

What is a Credit Score?

Your financial bargaining chip

Your credit score can be the difference between being approved or denied for credit, and a high or low interest rate.

  • Can mean saving tens of thousands on home financing
  • Can get you access to all those zero down offers
  • Can help you buy a new home or a new car
  • Your credit score affects you more than you know
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What Items Can Be Audited?

The following are the most common items we can audit

We can audit almost anything negative on your credit report. Here are the most common ones...


Late Payments


Public Records



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James N

Dallas, TX

My Credit score was not in good standing. After getting advice from Cole, Peck & Associates my credit score improved significantly. Cole, Peck & Associates helped me get back on track. Very easy to work with highly recommend. Thank you

Angel R

Portland, OR

Thanks to Cole, Peck & Associates I am now able to do things I was not able to before!!! If anyone needs help definitely reach out because it has changed my life and it will change yours. Thanks again!!!

Conan T

Raleigh, NC

Hey everyone! If your credit isn't as pretty as you'd like it to be because life happened, call Cole, Peck & Associates! In one month, the have deleted several collections off of my account!

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